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Social Franchising a Rural Entrepreneurial ecosystems development

By Kevin McKague, Jennifer Wong, and Nurul Siddiquee
The International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, 2017

Access Afya: Micro-Clinic Franchise Designed For Scale

By Kevin McKague, Melissa Menke and Ajanthy Arasaratnam. Edited by Ilan Alon.
Palgrave Pivot, 2014


Franchising Basics


Articles and books


Impact Investing and the SDGs:  A Call for Innovative Capital Flows
John Meyers, MICROFINANCE NEWS, July, 2018

Social Franchise Cooperatives – a Tool for Scaling Social Justice: Detailing Systems and Structures
Emma Yorra, Master's Thesis, June 29, 2018

Setting the Record Straight on Social Franchising
Julie McBride, Lancet Global Health, May 15, 2018 

How Franchising Can Save the World
Julie McBride, Global Franchising, May 2017

Social Marketing and Public Health, Second Edition, April 2017, Oxford University Press Chapter 13: Social franchising: Strengthening health systems through private sector approaches
Julie McBride, Kim Longfield, Dana Sievers, and Dominic Montag

Education Franchises Growing Rapidly in Countries with Low Public Funding, Inefficient Administration
Rozenn Perrigot and Muhammad Akib Warraich, Franchising World, July 2016

Franchising and Micro-Franchising: An Underused Tool for Underserved Populations
Daniel Runde, Forbes, June 9, 2016

Designing and Orchestrating Embedded Innovation Networks: An Inquiry into Microfranchising in Bangladesh
Late M. Lawson-Lartego, Georgia State University, May 2016

From Social Enterprise to Social Franchise: An Introductory Guide to Achieving Scale through Replication
Kevin Hurley, Centre for Social Innovation, 2016

Think Different (and Big) - Re-imagining international development the way Steve Jobs re-imagined technology
Julie McBride,, December 2015

Fifty Shades of Franchising: Differentiating commercial, micro, social, and hybrid franchise models
Julie McBride,, August 15, 2015

Fundamentals of Good Social Franchise Design
Julie McBride,, July 26, 2015

Franchising For-Benefits: Emergence of the 'Fourth Sector' How social entrepreneurs can increase their social and financial bottom lines
Julie McBride,, July 11, 2015

MSA Worldwide Ramps up its Response to Social Sector Needs with Social Franchising Initiative
Michael Seid, June 2015

Franchising Can Do More to Stop Child Suffering, Death than WHO, Gates Foundation Combined; Working to standardize healthcare offerings for large populations in developing countries (PDF)
Scott Hillstrom, Franchising World, June 2015 

Franchising Desis: An Indian-American Success Story; 
Ela Dutt, News India Times, June 2015

How Social Franchising Is Bringing Jobs to the Developing World
Jason Daley, Entrepreneur, April 2014

Social Franchising,
Ilan Alon, 2014

Financial sustainability in social franchising: Promising approaches and emerging questions
Beyeler, N., Briegleb, C., Sieverding, M.; UCSF Global Health Group, 2014 

Entrepreneurs and Franchisors Tackle Issues of the Developing World While Turning a Profit
Kendal H. Tyre, Keri A. McWilliams and Courtney L. Lindsay, II, November 2013 

PSI: Taking a Service Model to Scale
Stanford Graduate School of Business, February 2013

Can franchising be an economic development strategy? An empirical investigation
Steven C. Michael, Small Bus Econ, August 2013

Getting Social: Curing the world's ills using franchising and IFA resources
Franchise Times, May 2012

Corporate Social Responsibility and Generation Y: A Critical Convergence for Franchising
Franchising World, August 2012

CFW Clinics in Kenya: To Profit or Not for Profit
V. Kasturi Rangan and Katherine Lee, August 2011

Microfranchising - A business approach to fighting poverty (PDF) 
David Koch and Deborah Burand, Franchise Law Journal, Summer 2010

Franchising in Frontier Markets:  What’s Working, What’s Not, and Why (PDF) 
Dalberg Global Development Advisors, May 2009

Microfranchising at the Base of the Pyramid
Acumen Fund Working Paper, David Lehr, August 2008

Microfranchising:  Creating Wealth at the Bottom of the Pyramid
Jason Fairbourne, 2007

Social Franchising as a Strategy for Expanding Access to Reproductive Health Services (PDF) 
Julie McBride and Rehana Ahmed, September 2001

UCSF Global Health Group’s Library of Social Franchising for Health Case Studies

UCSF Global Health Group’s Library of Research Articles on Social Franchising for Health

Franchising Basics

Franchise Management for Dummies; Michael H. Seid and Joyce Mazero; 2017

Franchising for Dummies; Michael Seid and Dave Thomas; October 2006.


Designing Business Models for the Poor, June 2011
Jason Fairbourne discusses the process of developing scalable microfranchises for third-world economies.

What is Franchising? 


University of New Hampshire Social Sector Franchise Initiative

International Franchise Association Social Sector Task Force

Spring Impact

MSA Worldwide

Webinars and Podcasts

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Social Franchise Structure and Strategy Tool (IFA Social Sector Task Force) -- for social business owners considering franchising

Franchise Decision Workbook (MSA Worldwide) -- for people considering becoming franchisees




Fourth Annual  Social Sector Franchise Roundtable
Wednesday October 10 and Thursday October 11, 2018, University of New Hampshire Campus, Durham, NH, USA 


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